Tools and Environment Setup

I found lots of tools and apps and tricks quite useful. Most of them are really well-known. Still I tried to list all free ones I knew, just in case someone happens to ignore one or two in the past.

  • Autojump: a cd commands that learns, extremely useful, everyone loves it after using

  • oh-my-zsh: zsh configuration manager. Basically it helps you to decorate your terminal and makes it professional (looks like). I found the git plug-in quite useful

  • tmux: this tool is sooooo useful and well-known. Try it now if you haven’t.

  • Sublime: I found it quite enjoyable to write code with sublime. Never forgot to install package control.

  • LatexTool: a plug-in for sublime. YOu can install it from package control, write latex in sublime, support lots of features and configuration.

  • Sublime SFTP: sync file from desktop and server, very easy to use and extremely useful.

  • IPython: you can open an IPython notebook running on a remote computer. This trick is kind-of well-known, but still someone doesn’t know it. Similar tricks can also be applied to iTorch.

  • jekyllrb: generating sites from markdown. I think the best choice to build up a blog is to use this tool and Github page

  • Mendeley: managing pdfs and papers for you. It can automatically sync and rename pdfs for you.

  • tqdm: a python package, which adds a progress meter to your loops in a second

  • cupy: NumPy-like API accelerated with CUDA

  • pynvrtc: python binding of c based cuda function

  • canvas-nest: A nest backgroud of website draw on canvas.

  • awesome-font: The iconic font and CSS toolkit.

  • badges: Provide lots of badges (support customization).