• 16 Sep 2017
    Tools and Environment Setup

    I found lots of tools and apps and tricks quite useful. Most of them are really well-known. Still I tried to list all free ones I knew, just in case someone happens to ignore one or two in the past. Autojump: a cd commands that learns, extremely useful, everyone loves... Read more!

  • 05 Sep 2017
    EMNLP 2017 Report

    I would attend the EMNLP 2017 conference and present our Relation Extraction Paper (see below). Also I’m planning to write a EMNLP 2017 report (still a draft). Both human experts and public knowledge bases can provide (indirect, weak) supervision for information extraction (e.g., hand-crafted rules, distant supervision, etc.). How to... Read more!

  • 05 Sep 2017
    Hello World!

    As idea can only be generated from ideas, I finally set up this blog. Although it’s almost my first time to try Git Page, it’s supervisingly easy to use. So I would encourage every one to share their thoughts through this cite. For me, to be honest, I’m kind of... Read more!