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How to Covert T-Mobile One Plus 7T to the International Version

No more T-Mobile Logos!

One Sentence Summary for EMNLP 2020

One sentence summary for each paper I read during EMNLP 2020.

My Work-From-Home Secrets

The Ultimate Setup for Working From Home.

Configuration Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet for Common Configurations.

FP16 and Apex

How to Conduct Mixed-Precision Training with GPUs

NextCloud Docker Setup

Can I host some cloud services on my own server?

How to Save You (Make You Fast), Time Machine

Time Machine, why are you sooo slooow and how to speed you up.

Zotero, Importing from Mendeley

How to Importing Documents from Mendeley (Un-official Tricks).

Hands Down, Best Router within 100$: K3C (which costs 30 USD)

How to upgrade the firearm to the un-official version for K3C-international.